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Robert W. Mercy was raised in New York City and traveled extensively with his family during his formative years.  He served in the New York National Guard starting at age thirteen, then the USMC and eventually the 11th Airborne Division before war broke out in Korea.  He served with a rifle company and led an all-Asian assault platoon, earning a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart and a Presidential Unit Citation for one of the many bayonet assaults his unit led during the eight campaigns in which he participated.  After he left the military, his long-standing film interest projected him into a theatrical career in which he played leading and support roles in several major television shows and films.  While doing off-Broadway shows and commercials, he pursued a lifelong interest in psychology, particularly dream analysis, and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Norwich University. He then continued his Masters studies at NYU.

Robert has lectured at medical schools and appeared on numerous radio talk shows discussing his independent study work on Dermatoglyphics and the profiling of personality. He successfully combined and applied all of those modalities in The Manhattan Actors Lab, a group therapy/acting workshop that he founded.  He has also enjoyed a tremendous success bringing out the inner lives of his students.  Literature, psychology and helping others develop their acting skills have remained his primary interests, and he recently taught a community theater program at Humboldt State University in Northern California.

He’s a successful artist working in oils, practices Buddhism and has toured his one man Shakespearian show in many northern California communities.  He’s presently up for a major supporting role in an independent film and is preparing to present his newly written one man show—An Evening with James Mason; and the impersonating skills that got him into theater in the first place. Robert is also currently singing with the Mountain Mojo Blues band in Northern California.

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