What is dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics is the science of interpreting fingerprints, patterns and configurations of ridges in the palms of the hands, the shape, dimensions, color and overall condition of fingernails, as well as aberrations of the fingers and other observable facts about the hands.

What can be gleaned from such interpretations?

An analysis can tell us which illnesses and diseases we are genetically susceptible of contracting, and potentially give a time frame for when such a development might occur.  It can also reveal birth complications or traumas that have occurred to us, from infancy onward (which might be repressed by our conscious mind). These insights can be and often are therapeutic.

An analysis can also tell us about certain inclinations, traits, dispositions, conflicts, problems and other emotional issues we might be subject to.

How can dermatoglyphics analysis help us?

A thorough analysis can alert us to both physical and emotional issues we may have to face in our bodies and minds.  It can give us early diagnosis of actual disease symptoms, and thereby lead us towards changes of lifestyle or other treatments to keep us healthy longer.  So it is preventative medicine, both physically and psychologically.  But it can also reveal latent potentials, abilities, dreams, and desires that might change our lives and lead us into highly rewarding paths.  So it can really make a difference in our lives.

What are Robert Winston Mercy’s credentials as a Dermatoglyphicist?

Robert has been a student of dermatoglyphics for forty years.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology at the Mt. Pelier University in Vermont, and studied in the master’s degree program at NYU.  He says that in his practice as a therapist he found dermatoglyphics invaluable as a client ‘work up sheet,’ which often gave rapid clues to core issues for which clients were seeking help.  He has done thousands of analyses, lectured at schools, published in the field and continues to practice.  His most notable consultation was with the NY Police Department in the infamous David Berkowitz Son of Sam case, where he offered clues towards the profile of the killer.


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