“A boots-on-the-ground-view of the Korean Campaign”

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Robert Mercy and his twin brother, Richard, grew up watching Hollywood’s idealized depictions of the glory of war.  Fueled by the action and on-screen heroism of movies like Dawn Patrol, Beau Geste, and The Four Feathers, Robert dreamed of the day when he would be old enough to take up arms in the defense of his country.  He wanted to go ‘over there,’ where the fighting was.  Where there was glory to be had, and the heroes of America’s military would welcome him into their ranks with open arms.

There was never a more willing soldier, but the physical demands of ‘the line’ were unimaginable.  Worse was the onset of disillusionment upon witnessing, as the campaigns wore on, egregious military transgressions that would never be shown on film: The breakdown of discipline, failings in officer and NCO leadership, cowardice, desertions, robberies of the wounded and the dead, and the shattering reality that in extremely tight combat situations, it became “every man for himself.”  How different from the movies...

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"There probably isn't a better account of ground combat in the Korean War than Robert W. Mercy's I Hear No Bugles"

Mike Wenninger, The Trinity Journal

"In I Hear No Bugles, Mercy succeeds splendidly at the soldier-writer's mission to record what it is really like to be in combat as the bullets are whizzing by and bombs exploding around you …worth every bit of the read."

Marc Yablonka, American Author's Association     (See full review here)

"With one eye looking to the past, we can read Bugles as a reminder of neglected history; with the other, we can use it as a mirror into ourselves, a window into an awareness of our own mental fusions of what we absorb, all those influences both with and without soundtracks."

Dr. Wesley Britton, CinemaRetro.com     (See full review here)

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