Here is what Robert says about painting:

I admit to taking up painting unencumbered by any art degrees.  I first took to the brush in earnest back in 1970, producing my second-ever painting and seminal work: The Crucifixion as seen from 'the dark side of Golgotha.'  It proved a labor of love in a spiritual dimension.  At first I was frustrated, unable to produce the vision in my mind's eye.  But eventually I was able to blank my mind of all thought and allow my undirected hand to randomly dab the colors it chose onto the canvas.  It was a transformative experience, like discovering a new world.

Art is both provocative and an exploration of self.  Artists' creations on canvas are based on countless conscious and unconscious impressions that life has made upon them.  The images that emerge have been reflected off their psyches and speak to something in the depths of beholders' eyes.

For me painting is a personal sanctuary, a joyous escape from myself and the outer world into a silent kingdom often laced with celestial choirs of classical or Japanese music.  All I have to do is wait for the blank woven texture of the canvas surface to reveal what is to be painted.



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